Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bird Flu

(3:ooam, yes, A.M.!)
"Mom, wake up! There's a bird in the hall!"

Our daughter tends to hallucinate when she runs a fever, and she'd been throwing up all day ta boot... so naturally the exhausted, yet understanding Mother in me responds,

"Go back to sleep Sade, you're just seeing things."

(One hour later at 4am...)
"Mom, we need to go get that bird. You know those chocolate muffins with the frosting I like from Costco?"


"Well, I thought I saw one smashed in the hall."

"Oh". (The conscious me would have a slightly different reaction about having chocolate smashed somewhere in the carpet.)

"But Mom, it's wasn't... it's a dead bird and I almost picked it up!"

"Pleeease just go back to sleep."

(this time only 30 minutes later at 4:30am...)
"Mom, we have to go get that bird, it's disgusting!"

"Saedra, I'm getting up in an hour - just let me sleep a little bit longer and I'll take care of it."

"But I can't sleep with it there."

Debating within my sleepy self as to whether I get my tired bones up and settle this once and for all, or continue this insanity with my obvious flu-ridden, halucinating child... I sensitively chuckle and say,

"You could go get it yourself." (after no response...Victory, I get 56 minutes of sweet slumber! I really am a nicer mom than this... really, I am!)

Finally getting up after a wonderful restless night, Saedra reminds me (I think now she's talking in her sleep),

"Mom the bird is in the hall with it's legs straight up."

"Ya, ya, okay... What the... How the... did a dead bird get in the house!"

Am I a bad Mom? Sorry Sade... I'll NEVER question a high fevered, barfing child that sees an expired bird resembling a smooshed chocolate dessert in the wee hours of the morning EVER again!


Heather said...

That is so funny! I hope she is feeling better now, Richard has been feeling a little yucky! He woke me up at 11pm. I thought oh, boy here it comes but he went back to sleep and slept all night. He says he has a headache this morning.

Lorena said...

So gross! How did a dead bird get in your house, anyway?

ginaharrop said...

OMG...that is so hilarious. You totally make me laugh! Sorry you have the sickies at your house...hope she feels better for the 3 day weekend.

Pam said...

Poor Sadie with her sickness and the dead bird haunting her dreams. I hope she is feeling better.
What is up with you and the animals in your house. Birds, & rats. At least this one was dead or we would have to call you the "bird basher" or "fowl flinger" or something crazy like that.

elisha said...

Haha, maybe the new prank instead of egging or TPing a house is birding it! What a great story! (Are you feeling OK?)

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

OMG that's right up there with my snake incident! How are these creatures getting in!? People in our neighborhood better watch out... you never know who will be next to have an unwelcome visitor.

ginaharrop said...

Lisa credits you for all of these cool crafty projects she keeps pumping out...thanks! I am going to make some of those boxes, I want to see yours...I am sure they are amazing. I will leave a cup of paint on your door in a few hours when I run the kids to practice.

Renae Alexander said...

Um.... ewww! We've found a bunch of critters but they're usually alive until I get to them. BTW, I love the fact that everyone I love is posting every day on everyones blogs! Don't we all have lives?!!! This is so much fun!! I just can't seem to accomplish blogging and homemaking. I just might choose blogging. :) Don't tell Justin.

barbafamily said...

GROSS! How did a dead bird get in your house? How random! And, I wouldn't have believed her either! That is just too funny! Hope she is feeling sad that she really couldn't sleep because the bird was there. She is precious!

ginaharrop said...

Hey, I will get the paint formula over to you soon!