Thursday, October 30, 2008

37 Wishes

Lest you think this the antithesis of my "gratitude" entry, I assure you that all my wishes have come true... I have a wonderful life!
But... for the sake of birthdays having to do with wishes... I've come up with a few frivolous ones on this my 37th birthday... (note: not in any particular order)

1. I wish it felt more like fall here in Mesa, like all the leaves changing those rich luscious colors.
2. I wish I could snap my fingers (like that sassy Mary Poppins) and have my house clean and tidy... "practically perfect in every way".
3. I wish I were a better visiting teacher. (It's the end of the month AGAIN)
4. I wish I could own my own studio that had all the creative classes you could ever want!
5. I wish we had more family that lived close by... or do I? :)
6. I wish chocolate wasn't fattening... or any dessert for that matter!
7. I wish my mind could retain, like it used to, all the useless things I'm learning in my math class. Who uses radicals and imaginary numbers anyway?(Hello-o-o- they're imaginary)
8. I wish I new what the heck I'm doing in my calling
9. I wish we had our year's supply. I'm working on canning chicken right now which Kendree says very much resembles pig fetus' (or is that feti for plural?)
10. I wish I had my dream home with the wrap around porch in the country (I use the term country, but I mean no more thatn 30 minutes from a Target), sittin' on that porch swing (that I probably bought at that Target), watchin' the fireflies dance.
11. I wish I could sew like my Mom
12. I wish cats would stay little kittens and never need to eat, drink, shed, or poo... just purrr and look cute. (I think our next cat will require 4 AA batteries)
13. I wish to go on a romantic vacation to Greece with Mr.B
14. I wish it wasn't bad for me to drink Pepsi - okay, so I'll try diet!
15. I wish I had a HUGE garden
16. I wish I had a green thumb for that HUGE garden
17. I wish for my tulips and daffodils to grow this Spring.
18. I wish my a.c. wasn't still kicking on - it's almost November for pete's sake!
19. I wish I had an Apple Notebook
20. I wish I was a clever writer (like Kelly B. and so many of you)
21. I wish my baby girls wouldn't grow up so fast!
22. I wish I could teach my 15 1/2 year old how to drive... I can't stop laughing long enough to catch my breath and tell her to STOP and back up off the curb! It's actually not even funny, it's quite frightening! (sometimes scary things and painful things make me laugh!..??)
23. I wish 10 year old girls weren't so moody
24. I wish my home was full of vintage decor and furniture - I love that stuff!
25. I wish I didn't look like such a doof-n-shmirk on every one of my picture IDs - You should seriously see my Costco card!
26. I wish I could play guitar, I tried... I have whimpy fingers I guess.
27. I wish that baking wasn't one of my favorite things to do, because I don't do much of that low-fat junk. Well, I do make whole wheat bread and chocolate chips cookies with applesauce.
28. I wish I could be an amazing photographer
29. I wish I had every lovely apron form Anthro
30. I wish I weren't such a chicken about chopping all my hair off (someday I will)
31. I wish I had my Great Grandmother's cukoo clock... how I remember sleeping right under it on her couch and waking up to it to eat her cracked wheat cereal.
32. I wish to someday serve a mission with Mr.B, errrr.... Elder B!
33. I wish I had never worn a pink feathered "roach clip" in my hair in the 80s.
34. I wish my children wouldn't always point out all my white hairs - grab some tweezers and pluck 'em already!
35. I wish to run a marathon this next year (well maybe just a half marathon... baby steps here).
36. I wish my darn foot (grrrr) would heal faster so I can run and train again.
37. I wish I could go to Disneyland with this walker boot on... Can you say "fast pass"!? (I'm always the optimist)

So now I'm off to blow out candles and sip the traditional birthday sparkling cider with my wonderful fam!


candice said...

Oh, come on....I bet that pink feathered roach clip looked amazing!!! :)

Happy Happy Birthday! (a day late...meant to get on here yesterday, I suck!)

Love you!!

LaVonne said...

Happy belated 37th Birthday Sister Bitter. Hope you had a great day!

shawni said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope it was a great one.

Valerie said...

you know, you could get a quite a bit of of those birthday wishes if you just up and moved to a beautiful place down south, lol!!

happy birthday!

barbafamily said...

Happy birthday!!!! Love all your wishes :-)

Elisha said...

Happy belated birthday! And you do not look 37....I have more wrinkies than you do! So I tried canning butter this week...and it actually turned out! Oh, and anytime you want to reminisce about the girls being little, please just come and get one of mine!

sarinahbrooks said...

I hope you had a fabulous birthday! I owe you a bday treat, any suggestions to favorites!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday girl!!

James and Hillary Bitter said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Sorry it's so late! We hope you had a great one. We loved all your wishes!! :)I think I have just as many.

Christine and kids said...

Happy very late birthday!
What did you do to your foot? The half marathon will happen - baby steps. You'll get there.
Hope you had a great day!

VarneyFam said...

Happy Birthday! May all your 'wishes' come true...I have many of the same wishes too - especially the green thumb for the huge garden ;)

Pam said...

How in the heck did I miss this? Why haven't we been out celebrating yet? And why wasn't this most important day written down on my trusty calender. What kind of friend am I anyway? That's it...we need to party!
I love, love your list of wishes. And I hope you had the best birthday ever. Don't hate me because I'm....forgetful :)(I was not going to say beautiful)

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

I like the list. I too wish I could play the guitar, unfortunatly the closest I'll come, is rockin out on Guitar Hero. Happy Birthday.

Alishia said...

Hey now, some of those wishes you already have. Like the photographer wish, I've seen some of your pictures. And the clean house wish, you are Mary Poppins, aren't you?

Well, anyway, happy birthday, you deserve nothing but the best!!!

I'll be by to sit on your fancy, new porch, I am so jealous. It turned out beautiful! I just read the open invite tonight which included hot, baked cookies. Is that right?? (See, Mary Poppins, I tell you.)

Renae said...

I missed your bday...again. So Sorry. I love your wishes except for #30, #8, and #33. Don't cut your hair. I despise envy, but truly envy your hair. You're doing a great job in your calling. And, if you hadn't worn the feather clip in your hair, what could your kids laugh at now? It's just something you did that shows them you weren't perfect. But you're getting close. Happy belated Bday.