Friday, October 3, 2008

Who's in???

Calling all runners, joggers, or wanna be's(that's me): it's time to get a team together for the upcoming ragnar relay! Check it out and see if you're in. We still need like 5 more to join our team of 12 in this insane relay. It's a 183 mile (that is not a typo), 24 hour (yes, like all thru the night... great, now I've got that Cindy Lauper song stuck in my head) grueling run from Wickenburg to Mesa. So all of you saying #*$$ NO... each runner will do 3 legs of 3-8 miles each and rest in between (ya, RIGHT), seriously, that sounds just like our good 'ol junior high slumber parties- only we'd dance all night instead of run!
There are awards for the best decorated support vehicles (which Mr.B has graciously volunteered to drive), best team name, and lots of other prizes! It's about $95 per person plus the cost of food, gas, and uniforms. The race is not until Feb. but we need the $ and registration in by November - then we'll have a team meeting to look at the course and decided who will run where. (I call the 3 mile legs with absolutely no elevation!)
Last year there was a team that passed off a donkey pinata to each team member and they literally ran with it sitting on their shoulder. Can you guess what their team name was... yep, "haulin' ass". There was also the group name, "need more cowbell", or how 'bout "picked last in gym class", or "we have a token fat guy" - that cracked me up! There are some GOOD times to be had here my friends. I noticed that this year there will also be a "run for Nie" team - that's cool!
There are about 150 teams signed up already, so we need to hurry and get on the list! It's gonna be WILD!
So if I can't convince you to run, we do need 3 volunteers per team... I'm sure you'll at least get a t-shirt (and some great laughs). If you're up for it, let me know asap... if not, then please do share some fabulous ideas for a team name - maybe you'll win a prize!


Pam said...

One question first - Is there any walking ever? I mean do you get oranges thrown at you if you get a sideache and need to slow to a fast walk or something? Oh two questions - Are you intent on winning????
These things are big factors in whether you would really want me involved or not.
It totally sounds like fun though.

Renae said...

Um....I think you're nuts. ;) But i have a bunch of runner friends in my ward that would probably love it. If you want names or want me to mention it to them ,let me know. Maybe I'll come watch at the finish line with my krispy kremes and diet coke. ;) (I'll be the one with the huge butt and muffin top)

Heather said...

We R in... or should I say Rich is in. I might volunteer or be a driver?? As for a clever name, we are still thinking!?

Christine and kids said...

I'm with everyone else - are you nuts? But with that said, it sounds like lots of fun. I might be in, so does that make me nuts too. Call me so we can talk about it. Who has signed up to do it so far?
It does sound like lots of fun. And it will motivate me to get back in shape.

Renae said...

OK, I checked out the website, and now I know you're nuts. ;) But good luck finding a bunch of loons to do it with you. You're a better (and tougher) woman than I.

curtis said...

Candy and I did that last year. Well we trained for it anyway. My brother in law passed away that week and we had the funeral the same weekend. We were bummed we missed it. Everyone said it was a great time. Smelly van. Good luck. Im out. Hated training.