Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saedra's Double Digits

Saedi's birthday was March 27th. That morning my heart ached when she exclaimed, "Mom, I'm double digits now and I'll NEVER be a single digit again!". (oomph, like a kick to the stomach). Her birthday turned out to be a 3 day extravaganza! We started with opening presents on Thurs. before school, party at school, and then a two hour hunt for her dinner choice, ending with chocolate cheesecake (she hates regular cake). Feeling a little hurt that she didn't want the traditional "mom makes whatever you want for your birthday" dinner, we went to 3 different stores trying to find her heart's desire... Spanikopita. With no success and a little dissappointed, she settled for popcorn chicken from the Wal-mart deli. The next day was her party at "As You Wish" pottery store. This was right up her alley and of course she didn't need my "help" with anything- not picking the RIGHT project, not choosing the PERFECT colors, not finding the newest paint brush amongst all the crappy ones allowing you to paint straight lines - nope, she didn't listen. But hey, the projects will be done and ready for pick up on Tuesday and guess who just might paint her own caterpillar?
Anyway, the next day for "her" present from Mom, "we" went to get a pedicure. Dang, I give good gifts! We like to document our girls "Top Ten" at 10. So here goes Saedi's...

10- the band Paramore
9- kittens
8- Steve's Crazy Subs
7- Hip Hop dancing
6- watching "I Carly"
5- pedicures with mom (this was not coached, I promise)
4- basketball with Dad (this was!)
3- my wave board
2- spanikopita (this will have to change unless I learn how to make it - ya probably not)
1- Webkinz! (she got 2 for her birthday, bringing the total to 9)

Happy Birthday baby doll - we love you!!!


Heather said...

love the post you did! You are getting good girl. Sierrah had fun at the party.

Elisha and Brett said...

OK, what is spanikopita? I don't think I have ever heard of it, therefore have no idea how to say it! What a fun birthday! I look forward to those days...pedicures w/mom! Happy birthday Saedra!

Pam said...

Cute pictures! Love the top 10 and who wouldn't love a pedicure with mom... I can't believe that wasn't #1.

sarinahbrooks said...

Love love the photos! You have such a talent! I love your blog and glad to see ya fellow blogger!

Eric and Bre Plus Three said...

Your girls are growing into such beautiful young women. It makes me sad to think mine won't stay babies much longer. Love the picture thing you did of Saedra's birthday and her top 10. And what's spanikopita?

Lorena said...

So, I found your blog from Heather's blog who I found from Shelby's blog. Did that make sense?

Miss you guys...even though you just live down the road.

Oh, and can you be my mom (even though you're not old enough)? My birthday's in June.