Monday, March 24, 2008

Message for Sheila

It's hard to believe our baby sister would be 32 today! On this day, our thoughts are flooded of sweet Sheila Maye and the precious memories we have of her. We think of her everyday and on occasion, we have the beautiful privilege to feel of her presence. Saedi says if she could send a message to you, Sheila, in Heaven today she would say, "I wish you could come to my birthday party this week, I'll be 10! I'm so glad families are forever and we'll see eachother again!". Kendree message is, "It is such an honor whenever my Dad tells me how much I remind him of you!".
I quote the unforgettable and perfectly painted words of Dad as you left this world for the next:

"You used to urge your horse into a lope and dash ahead of us to be the first to reach the Scotty Creek Spring and when we got there you'd already had a big drink of the clear icy water and be lounging in the shade of the giant ponderosa or you'd be wading in the creek.
Once again you've dashed on ahead and one day when our loving Father deems that we've learned enough down here we'll come around the bend and you'll be waiting there beside the trail with outstretched arms to welcome us home and show us the marvelous things you've discovered.
Thank you Babe for lighting our lives with your presence, for invigorating us with your boundless energy and lust for life. Thank you for being you. Though it's hard today to see through our tear choked and mortal eyes and impossible to ease our grief, we know that you are just up the trail and that one day we'll join you there. One day our family circle will again be unbroken and we'll sing and laugh, we'll hug and kiss, work and play, just as we did in the good old days. And just like then, being together is all that will really matter."

As I look at our family picture we took yesterday the words echo in my mind...

Being together is all that really matters!!!

Until we meet again Sheila... We love you and miss you!


Elisha and Brett said...

That was really neat to read about your sister. I didn't know about that! Kendree really does look like her! Your family picute is so cute! What beautiful girls! I can't believe how much they've grown! I am so excited you are blogging now! I love seeing what you family is doing! I really enjoyed chatting on the phone with you last night! Now we can easily keep in touch!

Pam said...

Wonder tribute Deana. Love the family picture also. Heather gave me your blog address so I thought I would see what excitement you have been up to although I did just see you yesterday. Thanks for the party invite Kiana had fun.
I am such a blog reader junkie and I keep getting urged to start one. I have been a bit hesitant to because I just think of how boring my life would sound to other people but I need to get over that and think of it more as a journal right? You and Heather are inspiration to me to just do it so thanks maybe I will.

LayneAndRebecca said...
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LayneAndRebecca said...

Hi guy and gals. I left an earlier message but my fingers didn't type my thoughts right.;-) Anyway I wanted to share with you our gratitude for your feelings you've expressed for Sheila at this time. Every year Michael helps prepare a birthday party for her and blows out the candles on the must have German Chocolate cake. I'm sure Sheila would have approved, if not insisted, on the flavor. Thanks for sharing and we love and miss you all. I'm sure she is touched by you're loving tribute. Layne