Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colored eggs and aching leggs

In our neck of the woods, the Easter Bunny comes the Saturday before Easter Sunday. So we dyed eggs on Friday - it's always a competition to see who can come up with the best color of egg when Mom buys the cheap pack with only 4 color tablets(pink,blue,green and yellow). They're getting pretty creative! I think the girls were more excited about the way the paper towels looked tye dyed.

After Peter Cottontail's visit on Saturday, we went on a hike at The Lost Dutchman State Park. It was beautiful, we could not have asked for a better day. There was some whining (Kendree) during the uphill part of the hike, but we made it!

By the end, everyone was pretty hot, a little winded, thirsty, snacky, experiencing noodle legs, draggin' our aching feet along the trail except for one...

Let me remind you this is the LAST 100 yards of the hike. After lunch Saedra said, "Can we go do it again?"

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Heather said...

you got some air there Sadie!! What a nice day for a hike.