Monday, March 17, 2008

A "Tale" of a Whale

Can you believe what you can see right off the highway in Maui? The ocean was covered with Humpback whales and the mist from their blow holes. It was so exciting and surreal - we could have watched them all day. In fact, we went back the next day and didn't see one! We were so blessed to have stopped when we did.

I love this shot of Ryan. He could hardly wait to get his fins and snorkel on and dive in!
By this time, I was trying to stay as much out of the sun as possible (because of a sunburn), yet still be on the beach. My 4 short days there consisted of: sinking my toes in the sand every minute I could, soaking up the sun (resulting in blisters on my lips), reading completely pointless fluff stuff, and snacking on sun-warmed peanut M&Ms. The only thing that could have made it better, would be to actually have spent more than a couple of hours with my husband... and a bigger bag of M&Ms! I really did miss my kids too :( MAYBE they can come next year.

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Erica said...

How beautiful!!! Too bad about your lips, that always makes for a rough trip!!