Thursday, June 19, 2008

A sum up

Give me a break, it's only been three weeks since I last updated... not saying anyone has noticed... however, I have recieved a few verbal "what the crap" about my slacking.
Right after my last entry, Kendree and I went to girl's camp. Can I just say, you can really get to KNOW eachother deep in the woods when your sleep deprived, eating camp vittles (wow...the amazing things that can do to your digestive system), learning proper walkie talkie etiquette (which by the way, are only for the elite!), breathing in the smoke from the fog machines... no, I didn't inhale, anyway... and of course, willingly serving others as we make those mandatory excursions in search of survival needs (ahem...soda, an occasional toothbrush, and other supplies). I loved every stinkin' minute of it! Oh, I'm pretty sure Kendree had a good time too!
Speaking of Kendree, she turned 15 on May 25th and for her birthday she wanted a "beach cruiser".

This year she asks for a cute red bicycle, next year...

I hope a Schwinn beach cruiser has a significant trade in value by that 16th birthday for a spankin' car like that. If not, pray that our sweet '93 Geo Prism is still goin' strong.

I can't say enough about what a magnificent Daddy Ryan is! I wanted to get him a painting by Del Parson that he has loved since I've known the man (Ryan that is, not Del, I don't know Del). Bro Parson just happened to be signing at Costco a couple weeks before Father's Day, but dang it, they didn't have the one he wanted. He absolutely loves the one we got him also and has wanted it's not by Del though so I felt a little awkward when I asked him to sign it. Kidding!

I adore watching Ryan, the Patriot, talk to our girls about American History- he gets quite emotional. We are "proud to be an American", even if he totally forgot the words to that song while singing at his nephew's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Sorry, but that was one for the books! It's so cute how Ryan gets this plethora of ties...

And he chooses...
... the ones made with love (and elmers glue) by his baby girls years ago... that come about 8 inches above his navel. Did I happen to mention... he's the BEST Daddy ever!!!


Jolene said...

Camp was the best - I'm glad you were there! If nothing else - as a witness that Courtney danced a little at the dance!

Tell Kendree that I LOVE her bike! It is so cute!

Alan loves that George Washington painting as well - my Dad did too! I got all emotional just reading about Ryan's emotions because I was raised by a man who was very patriotic and cried every time he talked about America!

Erika said...

Yes, we really had fun at camp. And I am so glad I got to know you so much more! A little more than I needed to know too. . . by the way did you ever get that oozing rash cleared up? Wal-mart is the best place to practice walkie talkie etiquette! I sure hope the girls had as much fun as we did! I am still holding out for Kristi to mature to walkie talkie level next year! We can hope

I love Kendree's bike as well. I got a beach cruiser for my bday and I love it! We should go on a cruise!

Father's day looked great. Those little primary ties are the best aren't they? and kudos to Ryan for still wearing his!

See you soon for lunch with Jen?

Heather said...

It's about time girl!!
Love the bike Ken.
My in-laws have that G. Wash. pic above their fire place.
Love those ties, I need to make Rich expand his collection.

shawni said...

So cute that Ryan chose those ties. I'm also so glad you got to go to camp with Kendree. What a great experience to have together.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. We need to see you guys some time soon.

elisha and brett said...

Oh Deana, There you are!!! I'm so happy you are back. haha I am with Kendree, I want that for my next birthday too! I LOVE that picture! My mom has it and we always tell her it doesn't look good in her house. (yet I called first dibs). Ryan is such a cute daddy!

Pam said...

Great post. I have been waiting for my dose of Deana humor for some time now glad you found a minute. Not that the 3 days in a row that I got to see you this week weren't good enough. Good times!
I agree with everyone else Kendree's bike rocks. What a fun present.
Not only am I impressed that Ryan wore his cute homemade tie but I am equally impressed that he has such awesome ties to choose from. I am loving all the colors. Man I really need to update Jon's look I guess.

barbafamily said...

Camp was SO much fun with you and Kendree! I just love that girl! I forgot that we have the same birthday, please give her a huge belated birthday hug from me! And, I love the ties that Ryan wears on Father's Day...what a great guy!

Alishia said...

You are so funny! I'm new to the blogging world, but have enjoyed seeing the side of people you don't get on Sunday.

You girls are so grown up. When did that happen?? They are both beautiful!

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

Love Kendree's bike, I've been thinkin about gettin me one. Heather peaked my interest when she go hers a while back.

tatum said...

Yay! I'm glad to see you are a blogger. You are such a cute lady!

I love that bike! What a lucky girl. I would love to get one like that and a trailer on the back for my kiddos... but not in this heat. I didn't see your husband where that tie to church. He did where it on Fathers Day right?

James and Hillary Bitter said...

Thanks for a great time this weekend. We love spending time with your family. I read your blog and Sadies and Kendrees at work today. They are all so cute and fun to read. I am so glad I found out about your blogs!
Thanks for all the enrichment ideas too! Love, Hillary