Thursday, June 26, 2008

What the hail... we just cleaned the pool!

For you non-arizonians who don't live in this furnace, it actually hailed yesterday! If you look closely you can see it in these pics. I don't know what's wierder here...the fact that it was hailing in Mesa, AZ in July at 110 degrees, or how funky Saedra's double-jointed arm looks - whoa! The hail was making a meager pile on our patio chair, but by the time I grabbed my camera to take a picture for evidence... gone...vanished in this hair flattening from sweaty scalp, underwear sticking so bad you have to PEEL them off, can't buy chocolate chips at store and drive only 5 miles home without turning into a 12oz bag of chocolate syrup (not good for cookies, but makes a delightful afternoon cocktail), kind of HEAT! Of course it happened just hours after the pool boy came to clean the pool... the NEW pool boy that is, (oh behave... it's not THAT kind of pool boy - that was the previous guy), this one is normal. I know some have been waiting for this picture of the "wanna be Chip n Dale dancer" pool boy, but this pic doesn't do him any justice. Just picture him (you may want to picture someone like... oh I don't know... maybe Matthew McConaughey instead, to make this story better) standing at your front door having this conversation:
Guy: "Hey, so I'm your new pool boy"
Me: "Uhhh, okay"
Guy: "Did Ryan tell you I was coming?"
Me: "No" (so my husband failed to tell me that info, let alone that he even hired a pool boy - I thought he was my pool boy)
Guy: "You guys are married right- I mean don't you communicate?" (actually he probably said "talk" because communicate would NOT have been in his vocabulary)
Me: "what?!" - Are you kidding me, is this guy for real? Pool boy/Marriage counselor? I'm thinking, of course we're married... and of course we didn't have that conversation. (He obviously wasn't married or he wouldn't have asked such a silly question)
Guy: "Nah, your husband really hired me to come and do this..." (WARNING:PG13 material coming up)

At this point he proceeds to remove his dingy white shirt (apparently he thinks he's too sexy for his shirt), to expose his non-existent six pack, and begins thrusting his pelvis while rubbing his scrawny chest. I know, I know, I was shocked too... and I too would think this a tall tale, but I have witnesses. You see, our R.S. Presidency meeting just happened to be taking place at the same time! Poor Diane heard it all, I think she may be questioning her move from righteous Rexburg. At least she didn't have to see it... sometimes I wish I could poke out my mind's eye! To finish this story, he did stay and clean the pool. The next week he came, (you heard right,he did come back) it was the final straw. He knocked on my girls' bedroom windows on his way back to our backyard yelling, "pool guy is here!".

Don't be jealous of my exciting life, I can find you his phone#. As many of you are aware, I have had quite the "exposure experiences" lately... ones I shant not post!


Lorena said...

Gee...I think I live on the wrong side of the neighborhood.

Call me when the pool boy comes.

Alishia said...

Apparently I need a pool boy, too. When Bryan calls to get the referral of you pool boy, make sure this little mishap isn't mentioned. :)

I, too, was shocked that it could possibly hail when it was 110 degrees. That was wild! Only during an AZ Monsoon storm.

barbafamily said...

Oh MY GOSH! I can't believe that he was for real! Kind of creapy and funny all at the same time!

And, yeah, the hail was a shocker and the humidity afterwards was horrible! Especially since we had a combined activity for mutual at the retention basin!

Hope you guys are doing well :-)

Heather said...

That BOY looks like he is twelve! How about letting "sponge bob" be your pool boy! I would have loved to see the look on your face as he was takin' it off!!

Jolene said...

Poor Diane...
What IS with Saedi's arm?

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

first things first... I need a pool. I agree with Heather from the picture he looks 12. Maybe next time you could set up your video for a little candid camera action. Then we can all check out You Tube.

elisha and brett said...

I am dying laughing over here! That was a great story...and just so you know, there is another word that is spelled the same as dingy, but it is a noun that no longer makes this story PG-13! Now I'll get my mind out of the gutter.

shawni said...

I can't believe that story! Pretty funny.

James and Hillary Bitter said...

WOW, what a funny story. Can't stop laughing. Good luck next time.

The hail storm was amazing! I was at my moms house at the time. We were trying to take pics of the hail too, but it was melting too fast! We kept hearing a ping, ping on the grill though. What a fun summer storm!

Pam said...

I love your pool boy story - who does that????

I guess I missed the summer hail storm while at girls camp. I'm surprised it didn't melt before it hit the ground as hot as it's been lately.

Saedi's arm looks wild - I don't see any Price is Right showcase girl jobs in her future. hehehe

Renae Alexander said...

We miss everything since we moved! Nothing exciting happens over here. At least he didn't have a speedo on. :) YIKES!!

tatum said...

Wow! That is too funny! I can't believe he was for real. What a great story!

Beeswax said...

I am confused. WHY? What was his motivation? Maybe I don't understand becasue I don't have a pool.

I missed all the hail while we were at the movies watching kung fu panda. Dang.

candice said...

Okay, that is hillarious. That could only happen to you Deana!! LOL.

You need to fix your pictures so that when I click on them, I can see them bigger!! I can't see the poolboy. :)

Miss you. Life is crazy. I emailed you.

The Popes said...

so fun to see you at dinner! had to check out your cute blog!! and why didn't we do a cruise this year ??? :) your pool story is hillarious - it's cuz you're such a betty he prob didn't even hear the word "husband"- i'm just glad our pool man keeps his clothes on!! let ryan know he will be missed -always a funny story with him! take care!