Thursday, August 28, 2008

f(x) = log(5x²), g(x), -∞, = In 3 + In x

In parts (a) - (c), graph f and g in the same viewing rectangle.
I seriously debated even discussing the fact that I'm back in school because I wanted to drop after the first week - this math class is killin' me! Okay so for many of you brainiacs this may be a walk in the park, for me...... it sucks. No me gusta escuela! (Now that Kendree's in Spanish, we are having so much fun talking to eachother in espanol, even if it's incorrect. Our high pitched Tia Louisa en la cocina y Tia Lupe en el bano voices with the mexican flair are quite hilarious!)
These are the first day of 2008-2009 school pics. I almost forgot to do them, and didn't have my camera on raw with the right settings... hence the crappy pictures - BUT with such beautiful subjects... who cares. Kendree's was taken in the school parking lot which she was obviously displeased about - but another Mom honked and gave me a thumbs up... so I guess I am a good Mom (even when I'm embarrasing my children)!

If you look closely you can see she's saying something... without moving her lips - "Not Cool Mom!"
Saedi is happy hers were taken at home. She's sporting her new favorite shoes - Vans, of course.

My wonderful, handsome husband of 16years and I celebrated our anniversary in Scottsdale. We had a great time shopping, eating, getting snacks for the hotel room, eating, and waking up to go, umm... EAT! They have great restaurants there and of course we had try the "Oprah's favorite" cupcake spot "Sprinkles".

Cute place, loved the packaging (especially the envorinment friendly forks)... didn't love the cupcakes so much. They look adorable, I wanted the just decopage them and put 'em on my kitchen shelf. (Unfortunately they kinda tasted like that's where they had been for a couple weeks).
I had to throw in this picture of Ryan. He forgot his sunglasses, which was a first (he cannot live without his sunglasses)... so here he is sporting mine, which I so lovingly and selflessly gave up risking even deeper crow's feet around my eyes.

Dang, I'm a good wife too! (Thanks to a great hubby!)


Alishia said...

Back in school? I had no idea. You'll get the hand of it in no time. It will all come back to you, I'm sure!

Sounds like a fun anniversary. I loved the picture of your husband in your glasses. You are a good wife and mom, too. Kendree will thank you for the pictures when she's older!

Renae said...

Happy Anniversary! (I always think of So I Married an Axe Murderer when I say that) It sounds like you guys had a great time. I can't believe that Sprinkles cupcakes were stale! You should write Oprah and tell her thanks for nothing.
Back in school? You are a brave woman. What are you taking? (besides math that would kick my butt) Is that a real equation?! I guess cheating my way through high school wasn't the best thing to do. ;)
The girls are gorgeous. You don't look old enough to have them though.

candice said...

I had a spinkles cupcake awhile ago too. Nothing to write home about. :)

Happy Anniversary!!! That sounds like the exact same thing we do for our anniversary every year!!!

The girls are adorable. Glad you got the pics.

candice said...

I meant to say Sprinkles...I try to type too fast. :)

shawni said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are the cutest couple. I'm so glad you got to get away. There's nothing like a good get-away! I'm so sorry you had to start school along with the girls. All that math does NOT look or sound like any fun.

The girls look great.

I love Ryan's (your) sunglass look.

Miss you guys...we need to get together.

James and Hillary Bitter said...

I didn't know you were going back to school! You are so amazing! I would definatly not want to take a math class again!
I love all the cute pictures! The girls are of courase adorable. We haven't seen you guys in forever ~ we need to plan something soon.

Oh, have you done your fantastic friday yet. I am putting the finishing touches on our super saturday right now. I'm going pretty crazy! :)

Pam said...

Oooh how romantic...and I mean the getaway part not the math part. You are so brave to go back to school. At first I thought your title was you swearing in those characters then I noticed it actually looked like math and then I almost started swearing because of my paniced childhood feelings just looking at it. :) Seriously though, I think it's great and you are my new inspiration.

The girls look so cute on their first day back to school. And as Mom's we are supposed to embarrass our children every once in a while so great job.

Glad you had such a great time on your honeymoon oh I mean anniversary (wink, wink). Stale cupcakes and all. Love the pics.

Valerie said...

Mrs. Bitter-- you didn't tell my you were back in school!?! That is awesome! What are you going to be when you grow up?

Great pics of the girls. I can't get enough of first day of school pictures! Love that Kendree was embarassed. Makes it more fun!!

Lastly, Happy (mucho belated)Anniversary. Sigh. :)

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

First things first, BUMMER about the cupcakes! A $6 cupcake should be divine. That's the last time I trust Oprah! Cuz if she's wrong about a cupcake who knows what else she could lead me astray about. Next thing you know she'll be telling us how great Obama is.... Oh wait, she already has. My case in point! And I failed to see a first day of school pic of Deana???????

barbafamily said...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great anniversary! And, I can't believe the cupcakes weren't very good - bummer! Where are you going to school? That's awesome! And, I loved the picture of Kendree in the parking lot...she's such a great young lady! Love her!

VarneyFam said...

Good Luck with math - I retook my math at ASU 3 times , oh did I say that out loud? That's why I was an English Major!
Happy Anniversary - It takes a true man to wear womens sunglasses :)

curtis said...

Wow. You are going after that math. Go get it girl.
I am still working on my fractions.
Your girls look cute. Growing up to fast.
I have people make fun of me for wearing my wifes sunglasses but the thing is they are always mine. I guess I need to tone it down. Bad style. Miss u guys.

The Romero family said...

You 2 are the cutest couple on earth!

Heather said...

What the hay is all that jibberish at the beg. of your post!!??
Oh my, I am in for it. Math 082here I come. I will be heading to you for some tutoring!
Glad you had a great anniversary!
Adios amiga!